ASHRAE Region XI News

Winter Conference Recap

Hi Everyone

We just got home from the Winter meeting in Las Vegas and boy are we tired. This years meeting was held at the Ceasars Palace Hotel and Casino located in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were many meetings and events held at the conference center with over 3,900 people registering and over 1,900 product Booths were available occupying 0ver 500,000 square feet at the convention center. This was the largest Show/Meeting in the history of ASHRAE and next year the meeting in Chicago may be even larger. I was very pleased to meet Natasha Bellows/Skea of the Regina Chapter winner of the 2016 Leadrs competition to shadow yours truly at the winter meeting. We went to many events together and Natasha spent some time going to meetings she had a keen interest in on her own. Our Regional joint dinner with Region II was held at Carmines, an Italian restaurant that had good food and a lot of charm.

I was very pleased with the quality of content of the meetings I attended. A lot of business was conducted by and for ASHRAE. We need to recognize all of the people who give their time to make ASHRAE and our membership better. If you have never gone to the Winter or Annual meeting you need to try to attend. They are phenomenal. Well it’s back to business as usual so I will update you soon.

Keith Yelton, DRC


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