ASHRAE Region XI News

Regional Dinner in VEGAS!!

The regional dinner will be at Carmine’s in the forum shops at Caesar’s Sun night at 8 pm (since AHR expo opens Mon) . Can either meet in the lobby of Caesars to leave promptly at 745 or meet at the restaurant.

They will not do individual bills so it is $52 U.S. cash (meal, tax, gratuity, admin charge included and the cheapest meal available). They are giving us part of the 2nd floor in the Ritrivo area (there is an elevator for those that require) that has a bar for individual  cash purchases. We are able to give a receipt if needed. I will need the exact amount $52 u.s. from everyone the night of the event please. Thanks for your cooperation.

There will be assortment of fresh breads, salad, pasta, and a chicken dish, dessert, coffee or tea (molise menu being finalized).

Numbers need to be confirmed by end of day Thursday January 26 so please contact Doug to let him know if you and your significant other will be attending and whether anyone needs a vegetarian option.

Here’s a blurb about Carmines:

Thank you for considering Carmine’s in the Forum Shops as the location for your dinner on January 29, 2016 at 8:00pm for approximately 60 guests.  Should you not be familiar with Carmine’s, we are a well-received New York tradition which prides itself in being a family style establishment. We are famous for offering the finest in Southern Italian cuisine served in abundant portions with warm, attentive, old fashioned service. We love to “WOW” our guests from food to service, start to finish.


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