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November 17: DiscoverE New Faces-College Edition


The program recognizes outstanding junior or senior (defined as third, fourth or fifth year) ASHRAE student members enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Engineering program from an ABET Accredited school who are proving themselves to be leaders in the field of engineering. ASHRAE’s college New Face winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship and be recognized in a full-page ad in the ASHRAE Journal. The winner, will also have their profile featured on the New Faces of Engineering: College Edition’s Facebook page.

December 1: Scholarships


ASHRAE seeks to motivate students and prospective students worldwide to pursue an engineering or technology career in the HVAC&R field. The Society’s Scholarship Program also serves the public interest by aiding in the education of men and women to become qualified to practice as engineers in HVAC&R. The scholarships range in value from $3,000 to $10,000.


December 15: Undergraduate Program Equipment Grants

Provides funding to engineering, technical and architectural schools worldwide with the goal of increasing student knowledge, learning and awareness of the HVAC&R industry through the design and construction of equipment. Grants are up to $5,000 and are used to fund equipment and supplies for senior projects and 2-year technical school projects that focus on ASHRAE-related topics. Grants may cover projects lasting from one academic term up to one year.


December 31: SA Achievement Award

The Student Activities Achievement Award is given to a Chapter Student Activities Chair for service related to the goals and growth of student activities at all levels.


January 1: Youth Outreach Award

The Youth Outreach Award is given annually to an ASHRAE member who actively engages a youth audience in their country, region or local community through STEM activities. Chapter Presidents or Student Activities Chairs should submit their Chapter’s best nomination to the Regional Vice Chair for Student Activities

For more information contact Jared Larson at


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