ASHRAE Region XI News

LeaDRS Program – St Louis


In June of this year I was selected to take part in the LeaDRS program and attend the ASHRAE summer conference and shadow the Region 11 DRC, Keith Yelton. I had never been to an ASHRAE conference so I happily accepted and was on my way to St Louis for 6 days.

When I arrived at the hotel hosting the conference I was amazed at how many people were in the lobby and seating area wearing their conference badges. The schedule was packed with meetings, presentations, technical sessions, and social events at any given time during the week.

I signed up for some of the social events including the welcome party, member’s night out, and president’s luncheon and left the rest of my time open for meetings and presentations at the hotel and conference center. Throughout the week I took in as many presentations as I could fit into my schedule and got to see how the organization works.

Overall I had a great experience and would highly recommend it to anyone that get the opportunity to take part in the LeaDRS program. I met lots of great people, made connections, learned a lot, and had fun!


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