ASHRAE Region XI News

We’re Back Online!

Hi Everyone

It gives me great pleasure to announce the revival of the Moose, the Region XI Newsletter. In this letter we will be bringing you information of interest about our Region. I have asked all of the Regional Vice Chair’s to give us quarterly updates.

I want to introduce all of you to Emily Winfield, our new Webmaster and Regional newsletter editor. Emily was the winner of the LeaDRS program for the ASHRAE Annual meeting held in St Louis, Mo this year. Emily accompanied me on meetings and social events throughout the week long event. See her write up coming soon in the Moose Newsletter.

We had two great meetings this year. The Winter meeting in Orlando, Florida and The Summer meeting in St. Louis, Mo. Next up is the Winter meeting January 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I will have more details on that meeting in the next couple of months.

I am excited to tell you about a new program ASHRAE is launching this year, starting in September Each Region will be given $9,750.00 to give out to the Chapters per program instructions prepared by each Regional Executive Board. The Regional Executive Board for Region XI met on August 12th and decided that we would accept proposals from each chapter for money to be used to improve your chapter. The money can be used for anything except it cannot be used to offset the cost of dues. If this program turns out to be a success ASHRAE Society has promised to make even more money available in the future.

During the month of September our regional YEA Chairman, Greg Jernstrom, will be asking all of our Young Engineers in ASHRAE to sign up for the LeaDRS program so we can get two more candidates to follow our Regional leaders at the Winter and Annual meetings. This is a great opportunity as you will see from the write-ups from Emily at the Summer meeting and Justin Phil at the winter meeting.

I would like to encourage all Chapter Presidents in Region XI to send a link to your Chapter newsletter to Emily, so she can include them in our regional newsletter.

Two future dates I want to remind everyone of.

March 17, 2017 is Delegate training. All Delegates, incoming Presidents are to attend this training. It is essential for a quality CRC.

August 11, 2017 is The Planning meeting for the Region XI Executive Board.

Both of the above meetings are held in Vancouver B.C. at the Conference Center of the River Rock Casino and Hotel. We expect that all attendees will try to arrive and leave the same day. If that is not possible please contact Norm Grusnick to make hotel reservations.

More News to come

Respectfully Submitted,

Keith Yelton

DRC Region XI


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