ASHRAE Region XI News

Student Activities Updates

Welcome to a new ASHRAE Season! It’s always exciting to find out each Chapter’s scheduled speakers, tours, and special events for the upcoming year. There are so many great people that volunteer their time for ASHRAE. Their efforts show a passion that is usually quite addictive! That passion starts off at an earlier point in life and grows through partnerships and friendships, creating also some great memories. Student Activities has the task and benefit of creating that fire of passion for mechanical engineering and specifically, HVAC. It starts with elementary school visits and continues through job placement assistance.

Most of the Student Activities Committee’s successes have been at the post-secondary, or “university” level. This year, students from UBC entered into ASHRAE Design Competition’s “HVAC Calculation” division and came away with the 1st place on an exceptional level of effort. A member from the team will be sent to New York in January to represent the team! Another delegation from UBC also submitted for a Grant and will receive $5000 to study their “Solar Panel Heat Pump” idea. The University of Oregon was also awarded a Grant of $6750 for their suggestion to study “Visible Ventilation” Congrats to UBC and UofO – these create lasting memories for the students and set them on a path to be leaders in HVAC.

The Inland Empire Chapter’s (Spokane area) Eastern Washington University Student Branch is beginning its second year of operation after a very successful first year. Oregon Institute of Technology’s Student Branch is set to begin its first of operation with a lot of energy.

Lastly, there are some interesting facts from ASHRAE. There are 6,143 student members as of Dec 31, 2012. There were 408 students that attended the 2012 Winter Meeting in Dallas. Make your plans to be in New York City January 17th to 22nd. It’ll be a great opportunity to create friendships and form partnerships, while re-kindling that passion!

Stefan Lidington
RVC Student Activities


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