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Research Promotion
Welcome to another year for ASHRAE and ASHRAE Research. First off, I would like to introduce myself – I am Ryan MacGillivray, the Vice-Chair of our region for Research Promotion, from the Saskatoon Chapter. I am taking over this role from Ray Sieber. Ray had done an excellent job in his three years as RVC, and helped to increase the amount of money our region has raised for ASHRAE Research every year.

First, I wish to congratulate all 2011-12 RP Chairs, their volunteer committees, and their chapter members and businesses. With their dedication and support, Region XI was able to raise $171,240.26, which is 22% percent above our goal, a new high for our Region! Nine of the twelve chapters reached their goal, and five chapters reached both their high-five and their challenge goals. This is great, and I hope we can continue with your support. After Puget Sound has claimed the top chapter in our region for the last three years, British Columbia came out on top this year with a new Region XI chapter high of $35,450, over 80% above their goal. Southern Alberta was also over 80% above their goal. Part of BC’s success was getting a new Golden Circle Donor – Tekmar Control Systems. Alerton Controls also renewed their Golden Circle contribution. In total we had 497 contributors and each of them deserve our gratitude. ASHRAE Society once again was able to surpass the $2 million mark, with final results coming in at $2,191,756.

Enough about last year though. I am looking forward to the upcoming Research Promotion Campaign and happy to be a part of the regional Board of Directors. I am hopeful that we can continue the successful RP campaigns of the last few years, and as such, I have raised our Regional Goal to $150,000. Judging by the first months of the campaign, many chapters are already ahead of last year’s mark.

This year is looking very promising; we have had a good turn-out to the RP centralized training in Chicago by our RP Chairs. The RP Chairs have already demonstrated their leadership and many chapters are off to a great start. Special mention to Alaska – already past 50% of their goal!

On the theme of Leadership, we are one of the first Regions to reach Regional Full Circle – all of the regional officers have donated at least at the Honor Roll level – thank you for your support!

As you may be aware, the RP Committee was given the task to raise money for the Lynn Bellenger Scholarship Fund, in an attempt to fully endow this scholarship. Each chapter had an additional mini-goal, between $100 and $500, which was to be new money beyond the normal RP campaign goal. Our overall regional goal for this was $2,315. I am happy to report that we were the only region to have full chapter participation in raising money for this scholarship, and we raised $3,547 – over 53% above our mini-goal. Society wide, $44,458 was raised for ASHRAE Foundation, and the Lynn Bellenger Scholarship is now fully endowed, and a $5,000 scholarship will be issued yearly.

As for the main fundraising campaign, Society wide, we have raised $242,157, and our Region has raised $22,178. Both of these are above last year’s Year-To-Date amount of $186,726 and $14,754. Even without the additional money for the Lynn Bellenger Scholarship Fund, Society RP money is about 5% higher than last year, and our region is 26% higher! However, this is no reason to slow down, but should be a motivator for all of us to make our goals, set new chapter highs, set new regional highs, get the High-Five and Challenge Awards, and aim for the top chapter. With your help, we really can achieve the ASHRAE Mission and follow our Vision.

To advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.
ASHRAE will be the global leader, the foremost source of technical and educational information, and the primary provider of opportunity for professional growth in the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating.

100% of the money raised by the annual RP Campaign is used to fund research. How many other non-profit organizations can say that? In addition, for the Canadian Chapters, all of the money raised in Canada, stays in Canada. Each year, ASHRAE funds over $5 million of new research projects, with an annual amount over $15 million going to support research. Currently, our region is receiving over $204,000 in research funding, for the following projects:
– Thermal Performance of Building Envelope Details for Mid- and High-Rise Buildings – Morrison Hershfield Ltd., Vancouver, BC.
– Study of Carbon Dioxide Condensation in a Chevron Angle Plate Geometry Exchanger – Washington State University, Vancouver, WA.
– Energy Efficiency in HVAC Air Filtration, Graduate Student Grand-In-Aid, University of British Colombia.

If you are interested in more information on RP, check out the ASHRAE Research Promotion page at or the RP Blog at

For more information on ASHRAE Research and a listing of research projects, chapter members can go to:

For on-line contributions, members and businesses can go to:

And a special message to all the members and businesses:

“Thank you so much for your support last year and we hope that the Region XI Chapters can count on you again this year!”

Ryan MacGillivray
Vice Chair, Region XI
Research Promotion


$$$ Have you made your Annual Contribution to ASHRAE Research Promotion? $$$


Research Promotion

Below are the Chapter and Region XI Goals for the year:

  2011/12 2012/13
Manitoba $13,000 $13,000
Southern Alberta 13,500 $14,500
Northern Alberta 10,500 $10,500
British Columbia 19,500 $21,000
Inland Empire 3,000 $3,000
Puget Sound 25,000 $30,000
Oregon 18,000 $19,000
Regina 12,000 $12,500
Saskatoon 9,500 $9,500
Alaska 10,000 $11,000
Mid-Columbia 3,500 $3,500
Vancouver Island 2,500 $2,500
Region Total $140,000 $150,000




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